A first attempt to start a libary with the books in my studio.
Every time I had to move my studio – too many times – I regreted having many books. They are heavy, they need specific furniture and space, they are reminder of all the things I don't know yet or am not thinking about constantly. Also, I often forget which books I have and only remember them when I move and I have to take them in my hand. During moving, I often end up sitting down, leafing through the forgotten books and start to read.
00000 project is an attempt to find out, if I can make use of my books in a better way. I would like other people to be able to look at them as well, and maybe my books can become tools to connect to others and start a conversation.

I have worked in a second hand bookshop and university library as a book cataloguer. As 00000 will be neither a commercial nor an academic project, I feel it's necessary to questions and play with existing standards, categories, borrowing conditions and exchange strategies.
If you have any questions or suggestions about 00000 or any of the books, please feel free to get in touch: mail@lisawilkens.com

photo © Chantal van Rijt